Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sisters: Happy Birthday to Mine

I always love when November rolls around because for 9 months (until my next birthday in August) I get to see people's reactions when I say I'm 23 and my sister is 22 (or whatever our ages are at the moment). Most people say wow ya'll are really close in age! Yes, we are really close but not just in age.

If you're lucky and get to experience life with a sister then maybe you understand.  My sister knows more about me than almost anyone does.  Growing up we were always together.  Yes, we fought like cats and dogs.  And you could bet that every time we had to fold laundry that there was a fight!  But by the end of the pile of clothes we were always laughing hysterically about something or singing Christmas songs.  Why was it always Christmas songs Ev?  Or every night before we would go to sleep we would sing our version of "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" and "Silent Night".  It's because of these moments that we just understand each other.  She can tell by the look on my face or even the tone in my voice how I'm feeling that day.  And I can do the same for her.  There is nothing like growing up so close to someone.  I feel so blessed for the moments we had growing up and the moments we continue to experience in life as sisters.  I hope one day my kids can have the same experience. 

So Happy 22nd Birthday to the best sister anyone could ask for!  May this year of life bring you lots of blessings and good times Ev! I feel like it's going to be a good one! 

Love you,

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