Friday, June 4, 2010

The Move

I have been home(SOUTH-east Arkansas) for three and a half weeks. Tomorrow I am moving to Central Arkansas for nine weeks for an internship. It has been really nice to be home, but I am getting really bored. Two summers ago my little brother took over my room. So when I move home I have no where to put my things. Needless to say I have felt a little unsettled for the past three and a half weeks. It's different going from college where we just kinda go with the flow, to home where there are rules and jobs to be done. But I have been doing the best I can to enjoy my family.

I am really excited about the move. I have never lived in an apartment. I have always lived in a dorm room. One place I lived did have a living room, but for the most part I have lived in one room for the last three years. I haven't seen this apartment, the company I am going to work for has arranged everything for me. So I don't have very high expectations, but as long as it's more than one room I will be just fine. There will be a kitchen though! I am SO pumped about that. I have no cooking skills whatsoever, but that's ok right? Let's just say I will be doing a lot of learning the next nine weeks. If you have any easy recipes I need them!

My apartment is fully furnished and when I say fully I mean it. There is dishes, cookware, TVs, coffeemaker, art work, decorations, and even toilet tissue. All I need to bring is clothes. This has made the move a lot less stressful.
So tomorrow will begin my jaunt as an intern in the city. This shall be interesting. I'll keep ya posted.
And I told ya I would try not to write a post without a picture. This is pretty much the only thing I know about my apartment.


  1. yes i will be staying soon sis!!... ;)

  2. oh that was actually your sister Evan not yourself!... hah

  3. I still can't believe you get a fully furnished apartment for an internship. That is amazing. You are going to have mucho fun this summer! :)

  4. Don't worry Gentry! I'll teach you a few things in the kitchen! ;)

  5. this reminds me of a little journal i used to keep when i was a kid. it's so much fun when i go back and read the things i wrote about 15 years ago. you should keep this up throughout the internship so you can look back at it once it ends :D