Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quality Over Quantity

The first day of classes for my senior year of college is officially over.

I'm all moved into my apartment.
The parking tag has been purchased.
A heap of books are ordered and on their way to me.
The pantry is stocked {for now}.
The walls are decorated {for the most part}.
Homework now waits patiently for me on my desk.

As you can tell, I have been quite busy these past few days.

Sunday night before I left for school my family had a little meeting. The goal of the meeting was to declare our aspirations for this new school year. We are all determined that this year will be lots better than last year.

If you know me personally, you know that I over analyze everything {maybe a good characteristic for an engineer, but not good for everyday life}. Over analyzing then turns in to worrying and stressing about everything. Reading the book "Eat the Cookie, Buy the Shoes" has really been helping me with this lately. So to help combat this problem I have decided that my motto for this semester is "Quality over Quantity".

For example:
When the weekend gets here and I travel to see my family and friends or they travel to see me, I often worry and stress because I only have two days to spend with them. Two days to catch up on everything, two days to see everyone, ..ect. Stressing and worrying about the amount of time I have only makes me in a bad mood. Then I don't enjoy myself.
Well with my new motto in place, now I will make sure that the time I spend with them is good quality time. I now realize that there is nothing I can do about the amount of time I have so I mine as well make the most out of what I do have.

Another example:
My friends/roomates/partners-in-crime are only here for one more semester. I fret over not having them next semester and being lonely.. I fret over this being most likely the last time we will ever live in the same place.. I fret over us not getting to have these long venting sessions.. ect. Which in turn makes me depressed and sad.
I am going to enjoy this semester to the fullest {make it quality time}. Celebrate and enjoy them while I have them here.

You get the point right? "Quality over Quantity" can go for anything including classes/studying.

Hopefully my new motto will help me get the most out of this year.

I'll leave ya with a picture of me and my friends at our 3+ hour long coffee date. We had a lot of catching up to do!


What is your motto or inspiration for this year? I would love for you to share!


  1. your motto should be "do it for josh."

  2. mine is "don't catch the kitchen on fire!"

    this is going to be the best 3 months of our lives.

  3. mine is not to let 12 year olds make me cry more than once a week!

    but seriously-good motto...i may just adopt it! you guys are going to have a wonderful sr. year! :)

  4. I love this Gentry! I'm the exact same way...I always over analyze things and I always worry and stress, and it's usually about not having enough time! Good motto! Mine for this year is "It Builds Character". It was something one of the counselors at camp always said and basically our meaning behind it is that everything we go through, whether good or bad, builds our character. So no matter what I want to always look for the positive in things and know that God is using it to build character in me! :)