Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tubbs' Tailgate 2010

No, I didn't forget about you! Woah.. it has just been a while since I have posted! Although the blog life has been halted for a while, real life has been moving right along. Numerous people have recently told me they read my blog {and they say they enjoy it, but they might be telling me a story ;) } so I'll have to catch you all up.

And if you're wondering I tried to add some new features to my blog and ended up losing my whole template :( So for now I'm in the process of making it pretty again. I still have my gift certificate to LeeLou so hopefully I can be back to a precious blog in no time.

Last weekend was the first Razorback game (in the Rock) of the season. Razorback games at the Rock have become one of my family's favorite traditions during football season. GO HOGS!

Mom and dad are quite the tailgate hosts. We have had the same tailgating spot for a while now, and it is becoming well known. Lots of people stop by to have a little visit or grab a bite to eat.

We are such big fans that we get to our tailgating spot early in the morning and we don't leave until way after the game is over.

Lot of people don't even buy tickets to the game, they just come out to the golf course for the tailgating. There are TVs set up every where so people can enjoy all the football games of the day.

I made me and my mom one of these precious aprons for the weekend. Somehow I didn't get a picture of us with our aprons on :( Here is a picture I stole from my friend Chelsea's blog.

{I have been sewing lots of things lately. It seems like we have a little sweatshop going here in our apartment. It's full of wonderful ideas and creations. I'll have to do better at getting pictures.}

You can't end a Razorback weekend without calling those hogs!

Happy Thursday... which means it's almost Friday!!

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