Thursday, September 2, 2010


If you remember a while back in this post, I mention my friend Josh. He is in Sydney, Australia attending the Hillsong College.

This is what we have been getting to see of him lately. Skype is a wonderful thing. We even got to meet some of his friends over there via skype. Every time I talk to them they say it is nice to hear someone with a southern accent. ha

Josh comes up in multiple conversation we have everyday. For instance we rode go-carts the other night for my friend's birthday and multiple times this was said "Josh would love this! They even have Icees here!"

Josh is a mischievous little dude! In my apartment there are these emergency buttons in every room. We just know that Josh is going to find a way to push the buttons from across the world! It's just something he would do.

Notice it says "If you press this button in a non-emergency, you could be fined $250!" They mean business.

Yea, it is a little dirty looking. I'm sure it has been taped up several times in the past to keep people from pressing it. The one is my room has a bottle cap taped over the button. I still have this feeling that Josh will find a way to push it.

I know that he gets down sometimes being so far away. And I'm sure he gets homesick too. That is a huge adjustment. I mean they even have to drive on the other side of the rode over there!!

So please keep Josh in your prayers. Even if you don't know him I'm sure he would love to have as many prayers as he can get. Pray that he realizes the progress he has made and celebrates it instead of thinking about how much longer he is to be there.

Josh we miss you a lot over here buddy! But we are proud of what you are doing and we are sending lots of prayers your way!

P.S. Let's have a little celebration because as of today I have 20 followers!! That seems like a whole lot to me because I started out at 0. If you want to follow me it is really easy, just push the button on my side-bar that says follow. I do a little dance every time I get a new one!

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  1. OK, I'm #22 :)
    And will definitely pray for Josh: for great spiritual & musical growth, for very little homesickness, and NO broken bones!