Friday, July 23, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that I NEED 8 hours of sleep a night? Like I can’t function the next day unless I get enough SLEEP.

Did you know that I LOVE breakfast? I enjoy mornings. Breakfast food is the best; I could eat it for every meal.

Did you know that washing dishes is the chore I hate most? It makes me want to barf, but I have to suffer through it.

Did you know that deep down inside I have some nerd in me? Example: I want to decorate a room in my future house with old calculators and abacuses{plural form of abacus}.

Did you know that I diagnosed myself with ADD? I can’t have a full conversation without losing track of what I was saying… wait what was I talking about? Ha

Did you know that I have a file on my computer with ideas for my future house? I also have a file in my drawer of house pictures I tore out of magazines.

Did you know that I like things to be organized, but I hate the actual process of organizing?

Did you know that me and my friends sit around and talk about the future WAY to much? {Babies, Houses, Husbands, Weddings……} All girls do it right?

Did you know that my sister and I are total opposites, but best-friends at the same time? {Loud v. Quiet, Blonde v. Brown, Diva v. Grandma(lol that’s what she calls me)}

Did you know that I am addicted to caffeine? I can’t function without it. During the school year I take a No-Doze every morning and drink LOTS of coffee.

Did you know that my mind changes constantly about the idea of a tattoo? I would like one for a week or so, but I could never decide on something to put permanently on my skin.

Did you know that those are all random things you never needed to know? Sorry for wasting your time!


  1. Gentry! Are you supposed to take No-Doze that often? That sort of scares me! But I think the idea of a calculator/abacus room is really cute :)

  2. did you know that we have a dishwasher in our apartments? haha