Thursday, July 15, 2010


For some reason I was in the mood for some shopping on my lunch break yesterday, and boy did I hit the JACKPOT! I headed over to Belk just looking around not expecting to find anything. As I headed into the door I saw red dots everywhere! 75% off original price and 30% off that sale price!

I only had about thirty minutes to spend so I had to run!

Cute top originally $30.. I spend $6.99!

My feelings for rompers are wishy-washy. I can never decide if I like them or not. Well I found two of them yesterday, both originally priced for $40.. I got them for $6.99 each and I couldn't pass up the deal! So now I am going to be brave and try them out. I could only find a picture of one.

I was so excited about the deals I got! My other bargains were a cute dress for $8 and a jacket for $7!

I have been on a long time quest to find a good deal on a cute maxi dress. You know, the casual dresses that go all the way to the floor. I tried some on, and they swallow me! I am convinced I am too short to rock the maxi dress. I am still on the hunt though. I hope I can find one that is a little more fitted, I can even wear some wedges with it to add some height.

This one has been my favorite so far, but it's currently out of stock.

I have some exciting things planned for this weekend. Me and some friends are heading to Branson, MO. I haven't been since I was a little girl. We are the type of people that don't plan much, we just go with the flow. I know we are going to the Dixie Stampede, and we are going to do lots of shopping and sitting by the pool. Other than that we are just going to go where the wind takes us! Any suggestions for Branson?

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  1. I wish i could go! Can you put up some pics so i can have a good one for a background? I miss you guys so much! Thank you for praying!