Thursday, July 8, 2010


I won the blog makeover that Stephanie was giving away. I am just a little excited, and by a little a mean a whole lot! My mind has been turning trying to think of a design I would like.

Also, my friend Josh is leaving on Monday for Australia. He will be attending the Hillsong College in Sydney for a year. What a cool experience! Me and Josh have a love/hate relationship that we both laugh about.

I would use these words/phrases to describe him: hyper, ADHD to the max, caring, passionate, outgoing, and loving.

Josh was there to help me transition to college as a freshman and we have gone on many crazy adventures throughout my three years of college. He has been a vital part of of our BCM at college and I know he will do awesome in Sydney. It's gonna be a lot different without him around next year. I know it will be tough for him at first. He will miss his family/friends a lot, not to mention he has to learn all of those crazy Aussie words.

I am very proud of him for stepping out and following what God has called him to do. We will miss him a lot. So when you think about it just say a quick prayer for Josh.

This is a picture of Josh from last weekend. He is in the middle.


That means only one more day until the weekend!


  1. That pic pretty much captures him fully! :)

  2. I want to say something nice, but I'm too jealous about your blog makeover. Seriously, seriously jealous.